Born of Death - Through the Weeping Gate

Characters who have been slain, and have emerged from the Weeping Gate can be re-rolled as either a Revenant, Vampire, Vrykolaka or Dhampir. Alternatively, they can apply the following modifiers to their character.


  • You gain the undead keyword and are no longer considered a living creature
  • You gain Vulnerability to Radiant; 5 at Heroic, 10 at Paragon and 20 at Epic
  • You suffer a -2 penalty to all your defences against attack with the Radiant keyword, or
    that use silver weapons.
  • You suffer a -5 penalty to all charisma based checks when engaging with creatures that
    fear or hate the undead.
  • You only recover half the usual number of hit points from spending a healing surge, or
    From powers with the Healing keyword.


  • You gain Resistance to Necrotic; 5 at Heroic, 10 at Paragon and 20 at Epic
  • You must fail an additional death save before you enter the true death
  • You gain a +2 bonus to your defences and saving throws against attacks / effects with
    the charm, disease, poison or sleep keywords.
  • You may, once per encounter, as a free action when you reduce an enemy to 0 hit points,
    spend a healing surge and recover the full amount of hit points plus an additional number
    equal to the enemies level.
  • You gain Darkvision

All those that are re-born through the Weeping Gate bear the wounds of their deaths, and are clearly unliving things. Some slowly decompose and become more wretched and worm eaten as times goes on, whilst others mummify, becoming eerie parodies of the people they were in life. Still others become hauntingly beautiful, their undead bodies somehow turning the cosmetic effects of their deaths into strangely poignant badges of honour. All bear a sense of loss about them, and often animals will pick up on this and become uneasy, frightened, or even hostile.

Most living folks regard the gate born (or death born as many call them) to be monsters, and do not see any difference between them and the unholy horrors that plague the entirety of the world, and indeed, some of those that awaken after leaving the Weeping Gate are monsters. However, many are the same people they were in life, though touched with the horrifying knowledge that there are worse things than death, and many will find destruction when they try to return to their previous lives and are violently rebuffed.

The Grave Fellowship is a group that was founded in 1520 (48 P.S.) by Allovae Hadrir, a warlord in life native to Lower Malgoroth, who was slain by enemies unknown, and returned a few moons later through the Weeping Gate. Discovering quickly that the living were not interested in his accomplishments in life, and were not likely to give him chance to prove his innocuous nature, he briefly sought revenge on them before coming to peace with his state and situation and seeking out others to band with.

From this was born the Fellowship, who would, over the next 400 years become a major force for peaceful cohabitation between the living, the death born and the true undead, and lead to the tolerant attitudes seen to this day in Galeworth.

As for Allovae, he was assassinated by dark spirits sent from the ghost city of Harrows Hold in the year 1619 (147 P.S.), his undead body riddled with positoxins and left handing from Galeworth’s eastern gate by a length of silvered razorwire.

Born of Death - Through the Weeping Gate

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