Whispering Isles

(Third Age; Post Sundering)

The formation of the West Scar Rift separated a huge landmass from the Fey Isles, creating the Whispering Isles. Within a few days of the sundering, the entire region was suffused with a prickling psychic “breeze”, and a shimmering mist began to suffuse the atmosphere. Shortly after, the spirits and corpses of the dead – ancient and recent – began to appear in the area; animate and aware.

At first, the peoples of Galeworth, Alac and Nelimi were horrified by these new arrivals. However, it soon became apparent that most were peaceful and bemused by their state and were no threat to the living, and as many set off into the new world to find their place, multitudes stayed on the Isle to help its people adapt.

Galeworth eventually became the capital city of this place, and a new system – where the living and the dead could live together – was forged. However, with the rise of the cities of Wraithmoor and Harrows Hold (both ghost cities created by the evil dead, the warped living and the angry souls of those slain when Mundrutt and Talskar fell into the Rift), and with the apparently destabilisation of the Shiver Wind’s source (a side effect many felt of the appearance of large Necrocite growths in the region), the future of the city and its sister settlements seems in doubt.

Whispering Isles

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