Under Wards

Despite Unifica Primae’s almost impossible size, its inhabitants soon began to run out of room to build, and over the years additional layers of city have been built over the original streets. This has lead to entire ancient districts being completely covered by the newer districts built above, and has lead to the formation of Under Wards – wards of the city either completely or mostly covered by an Upper Ward.

The Under Wards are traditionally the poorer areas of the city, and life expectancy in them is but a fraction of that in the wards above. Of course, this is down to a host of factors, but it is a fact that most folks who live their lives in the dark, polluted and often crime riddled Under Wards, tend to die in their late twenties or early thirties*.

Alcoholism, addiction to illicit herbs and alchemicals and disease all take their toll on the folks of these wards as well, as well as the predations of the unnatural, vile things that are drawn to suffering and pain.

  • This is of course referring to the human inhabitants. No census has been conducted to try and determine the average life span of non humans in these areas.

Under Wards

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