The "Wandbreakers"

The “Wandbreakers”
(Third Age, Post Sundering)

Militant wing of the popular Anti Magic Movement. Famous for their hard nosed intolerance of all mages and works of magic, as well as their blatant hatred for the Unified Order, the church of Merriel’Shaava, and anyone that would see them as anything other than repugnant and dangerous.

Understandably considered criminals by the Order, they are seen by many as heroes who fight for the common folks against the arrogant stupidity of the upper classes and magic users – though many also understand that more than a few of them are simply hateful individuals who find that the role gives them the constant conflict they enjoy.

As of the 1/1/2480, it is punishable by death to be found to have active political or “military” links to the AMM.

The "Wandbreakers"

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