South Pit Strongarms

South Pit Strongarms
Third Age (Post Sundering)

Infamous gang of thugs, murderer’s and drunks who have terrorised the South Pit for the last 15 years. Lead by the psychopathic Tommo “the breaker” McGaul, they have gone from a small street gang to a well organised criminal organisation

The gang has its base in a fortified gin house and gambling den, known by the locals as “The Breakery”; a formidable structure built into one of the Upper Wards support struts. From there the “top blokes” of the gang (the six captains who Tommo has oversee six different “stalks” of the Pit) plan their jobs, split their loot and give their orders.

As of the 1/1/2480, a bounty of 350 Crowns was put on Tommo’s head by Aldon Thadyn, the districts Legate, but at the time of writing no one has been bored or stupid enough to try and claim it. However, Tommo, fearing that “bad things are on their way” has taken to staying within the sanctuary of the Breakery lately, and has allowed his favourite Captain – one Jack Pemby – to act as his mouthpiece.

In South Pit the Strongarms have no rivals. However the “Nightstreets Rangers” and the “Black Clubs” both openly express disdain for the “amateurish” and “thuggish” Mcaul, and there are whispers that one of them (at least) will move in to take Tommo’s territories.