Campaign Rules


“God’s teeth man, what are you wearing?”
Sir Lucas Ammande on seeing his friend wearing archaic plate armour

Inherent Bonuses: To reflect the fact that the age of heavy plate armours and brutal weapons are past for such refined folks as the subjects of the Order, we shall be using the rules for Inherent Bonuses (from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting). What this means is that your characters gain automatic bonuses to their attack and damage rolls as well as all their defences as they advance in level. These bonuses are never as good as those provided by magical items, but mean you can adventure quite nicely without donning +5 plate mail of Uber Doom. This will allow your characters to wear the fashionable clothes your society is used to (think Sherlock Holmes meets Brotherhood of the Wolf), without being penalised. It also means that when you find an item, it is seriously valuable.

Firearms: This is a time when firearms have all but completely replaced the archaic bows and slings (at least within the realm of Unifica Primae). To prevent having to completely design every single weapon for this new game, the following modification to the normal rules shall apply.

When you buy a “firearm” we use the stats for an existing ranged weapon.

  • One Handed weapons (such as hand crossbows) gain the Brutal 1 and High Crit properties
  • Two Handed weapons (such as longbows) gain the Brutal 2 and High Crit properties.

With regards to proficiencies, it is assumed that if your class is proficient normally with ranged weapons, they are automatically proficient with firearms of the same class (so if you are able to use a hand Crossbow, you can also use a Pistol – i.e. a re-tooled hand crossbow). Prices are unchanged (archaic firearms are oddities, and so are equally expensive – at least, within Unifica Primae).

Fortune: UPDATE 7/3/2011 – After playing with the cards, it was decided that action points are too precious a thing to waste on a fortune card, especially as there is a high chance that you may draw a card that does not help you in any way. Instead we used the rule that each player gets to draw one card after each extended rest, which they keep until it is used, or until the next extended rest.

Fortune cards will still be given as one off boons at times, and these remain until they are used.

Fortune: UPDATE 24/8/2011 – So, we have been using the cards, and finding they are actually really cool. However, we now have it that each player draws a card that goes into a pool of cards the entire group can dip into at the start of each encounter. Cards are still removed from play once used, but this allows the cards to be used by those that need them even if it is someone who has already used a card in the encounter. At the end of the encounter any unused cards are shuffled back into the pack as normal.

Campaign Rules

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