Tortured World

A Delay

Just a quick “heads up”. The date for this game beginning has slipped by possibly up to a year!

The reason for this is simple – none of the existing games are anywhere near done yet, and it will be at least a year before they are. This game is very much still going to happen, but not until the current campaigns have run their natural course, for good or for ill.

I shall keep updating this place though in the meantime, so keep checking back!

Forum Madness!
A place for all our gaming discussions

For those of you that are not aware, there is a high chance that we will lose the forums here (there is something odd happening at the moment, but the main upshot is that I am expecting the forums and calendar to disappear some time soon). However, I have set up a fully functioning forum with an inbuilt calendar, arcade and other groovy bits, that is not just for this campaign, but for the current ones.

Tortured World – and Gatespace – Forum

It really is very cool, and it would be amazing to be able to plan and plot in a more appropriate place.

Have a look, get a profile up, and get chatting :)

And we have our last player

Tez has said he wants in, so that’s it – seven players!

The Journals
A quick word about this section

In my last campaigns I have always done the weekly write ups. However, it is my hope that in this new game, with this new site, my players will be writing up their character’s experiences here!

I too shall be putting up information from my NPC’s, as well as “meanwhile” type updates, but like I say, I am hoping we shall see my players own entries here more than my own.


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