Aldon Thadyn

Legate of South Pit


This is unknown at the time of writing.


Aldon Thadyn (Born 2453 N.C.; 981 P.S.)

A high born who made a few enemies within the Order as he grew up, and so was put in charge of a less than desirable ward – the “under ward” of South Pit. Despite this, he has worked hard to turn the ward into a safer and more pleasant place for its citizens, and despite fierce opposition amongst his peers who see him as an idealistic bumpkin (often referring to him as “the little boy”), he continues to do his best for “his” people.

Aldon is a man of average looks. He dresses in the latest styles, and walks with a silver topped swordcane. He has a sharp nose, dirty grey eyes, and is balding, his blonde hair having thinned to the point where his pate is entirely exposed.

Aldon is well known for his quick wit, his keen powers of obeservation and his tolerance for the lower classes.

He is rumoured to be courting Francesca Linde, daughter of arcano-industrialist Sir Goodfrey Linde, though the Linde house spokesmen fiercely deny that this is true.

Aldon Thadyn

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